How To Be a Professional Hacker from A To Z Legally

The difference between hacking and Security :

Actually there is no difference between them a professional security is a professional hacker Because they learned  the same basics . also, we should know that hacking or Penetration testing  is just part of security so security is more than you know it’s a career .
well, in this article I’ll show you the straight path to take for  being a professional security or as you prefer a professional hacker.

5 years from now : You will be able to test your Target

The Target is Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP certificate this is the best certificate in the world of security you can work whatever you want and with your price sounds good so if someone asked you what is your future job  just say CISSP 
This certificate in details will teach you :
·         Security and Risk Management
·         Asset Security
·         Security Architecture and Engineering
·         Communication and Network Security
·         Identity and Access Management (IAM)
·         Security Assessment and Testing
·         Security Operations
·         Software Development Security

Ok I don’t want you to think about them because it’s 5 years from now man you should already know that. but the most important thing you should have Patience and motivation .

let’s jump to 2 years from now to see what should you have done ?

1. well, at least you should have one of this 3 certificate:
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH )
Certified Intrusion Analyst (GIAC)
Certified Information Systems Auditor (GISA)
 There is no difference between them In terms of content and materials just each certificate from a different company

2. A lot of you guys will love this one, Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certificate, actually if you have it you’re expert and you can work with it ,as a penetration tester his mission is to hack the full system of the company from A to Z and Extract all the errors and Security Gaps founded and finally give to a company solutions that can help to upgrade the system and he get Paid $$$
But guys do not forget CISSP is your Target .

Now let’s leave the future and talk about today what should i start with ?

1.  The +Family : are certificates given by a famous company called  CompTIA but we shouldn’t test all those certificates we will take just the most important and they are :
·         A+
·         Network+
·         Security+
·         Linux+
And all the courses you need learn before testing  them are available free in youtube or you can find them also on udemy platform .

2.  Programming : there is many languages of programming like C ,C++ ,PHP , HTML, PYTHON ..You need to choose just one language because they are same in terms of concept in my opinion I think PYTHON is a good choice maybe it’s the easiest and fasted one to learn .also the course is available on Youtube & Udemy.        

3.  CISCO : When you finished the +family you will take two courses they are actually certificates :
·         CISCO Certified Network Associate .
·         CISCO Certified Network Associate Security .
 Those courses are very important because they teach you in details about something called routers, switches, firewalls , protocols … etc

For me this is  the right way to be a Legal & professional hacker and to put your name in world of security for those who just want a bot or an app to hack people you just waste your time or searching for hackers to teach you how you can do it .no man  you can find them simply because they don’t have much time to spend on you.
 and those hackers maybe they don’t have those certificates that I had explained but they know all the content of them why ? because they are using their experience unfortunately that will takes more than 5 years to be expert .


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