How To Create A Strong Password

In this this virtual world called internet everyone should protect himself and his informations from hackers and spammers so there is passwords.

Password : is an access approval to gain access to a resource , so between a blackhat and your information just a simple of letters that can be crackable in a certain duration . so you should have a strong password that will make your information so harder for  being hacked .

So if you need to create a strong one to your socialmedia accounts like facebook , twitter Instagram… etc or maybe for your wifi router just a little note (to protect your wifi you should turn off your wps protection ) than you are in the wright place , there is a website called Getpass this website will generate to you the hardest passcode you need to use .first of all the website has an easy and simple interface to use there is two options ‘secure’ and ‘ultra’ the two options generate different passwords just in terms of strength ‘ultra’ is the best choice , one more thing the website just generate passwords and doesn’t save them .so it’s a great tool to use. Make sure to tell your friends about it . & peace out .

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