Flappy Bird is Back !

Do you remember how we spent hours playing Flappy Bird? Well, now that game is back, but not as we imagined.

 After Dong Nguyen pulled out the mind of people by playing Flappy Bird, which was available on Android and iOS, he decided to give us a new and fun surprise for the game, which would come in the form of battles.

 It's Flappy Fighter, a game like Flappy Bird, with its simple facade. However, in this new version, instead of following a bird with unlimited obstacles, we see a muscle hero with a series of attacks inspired by Street Fighter.If you are a retro fan, you will definitely enjoy this new mobile game, The way to play dynamic battles and wonderful battles.

Note that there is only one character in the game (Flappy), so you fight against a copy of yourself, but in different clothes. The controls are almost integrated into the interface and the groups are very simple, but the game requires a lot of flexibility and attention.

Currently Flappy Fighter is available for iOS users only , and will be launched soon for Android.

Flappy Bird is Back ! Flappy Bird is Back ! Reviewed by Guidpro on May 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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