The latest trick to hack password of Youtube channels

Over time, the popularity of YouTube and the number of users increased. This also makes cyber criminals look here. Where they try to attack user accounts where they are likely to succeed. Today we repeat to you the latest trick they use to steal passwords from YouTube users so you avoid being victimized.

 This phishing attempt is very simple, but it can make users uninterested and steal their passwords. A problem can lead to loss of control of the account. As in many similar cases, in this new trick, the attackers pretend on behalf of YouTube to gain the trust of the victim.

We are dealing with a kind of attack that uses a classic style, pretending that the attacker is a YouTube company to steal data or passwords from victims. It is very common through social networks and e-mail in what is known as "phishing".
In this case, in this trick to steal YouTube account passwords, cybercriminals report irregularities in the account of the victim. They demonstrate that they are YouTube's technical support, and point out that this channel does not adhere to a series of rules. They report that they need more information to solve the problem.

To solve this problem, they point out to the victim that he needs more data. Account information even includes an access password. All this to analyze the problem more precisely and know how to solve it. Logically, what they're looking for is stealing access to credentials and full control of the victims' YouTube account.

This is clearly a complete scam. Even if it is true that this account violates YouTube rules, the account owner's password will never be requested via e-mail to analyze the alleged problem. But, of course, they can always be traced to users who have no experience, and send out for fear of losing their accounts all what Internet criminals demand.

It should be noted that, according to Bleeping Computer, thousands of victims received this message through their public e-mail account, so if you received such messages, I warn you to send them your account information because it is not from the technical support from YouTube as they claim .

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