Top 3 Highly Paid Programming Languages for 2019

Programming is one of the highest paid jobs. It is something you can not master only by learning a book or two books. To become a good programmer, you will have to focus on learning the basics and continuing to practice programming and apply them to learn well.

But even with so many online resources and access to experienced professionals, people choose the wrong language by following others. This leads to limited growth and less pay. Today, I will talk about the top three paid programming languages ​​for 2019 based on Stack OverflowDeveloper Survey 2019 results.


Clojure is the highest paid programming languages ​​around the world. Developers received an average annual salary of $ 90,000 to write code in Clojure. For people who do not know this language, Clojure is a general purpose programming language. Modern language is a branch of the Lisp programming language, which is general purpose. The language works on the Java virtual machine, and like Lisp languages, Clojure is the code as data, and the functional programming model is adopted. It is a common language among data scientists.


F# is ranked second in the world's second-highest language. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019 results, people working with F # earned an annual amount of $ 80,000. F # is a multi-paradigm programming system of functional programming and object-oriented programming. This language works on the .NET environment. , A different language from ML (programming language) and somewhat similar to OCaml (Objective Caml), the language developer Don Syme is part of Microsoft Research. Now, Microsoft is developing a F# from the .NET environment and Visual Studio as part of Visual Studio 2010.


Go is an open source programming language used to build simple and effective programs. The best thing about the Go language is that it contains something called goroutines . There are a large number of tools developed using Golang including Docker and Consul. These tools are used extensively for large data and cloud computing. Go is known for its scalability and memory efficiency. The respondents said they received $ 80,000 a year for programming in Go.

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